Thursday, August 16, 2007

Craft Blast from the Past

My DH's grandmother gave me a set of craft cards that all sit in a little box. Sort of like recipe cards but each card has a craft project on it rather than a recipe. The set covers pretty much every craft you can imagine and DS really wants me to do a train applique he spied amongst the projects. Some of the projects though were just so outdated or odd that I can't resist sharing.

Tonight's feature vintage craft project: Fantasy Film Flowers. Now I really do not know why Becky didn't wear this headress at her wedding this summer, it is just so beautiful. I do not know what is classiest in this photo.. the carnation flowers, the soft light or the freaky makeup job. Maybe I will go as this photo for Halloween but then again, that might scare my kid.


1 comment:

Becks said...

Well, had I known I COULD wear something like that, I probably would' sure know me and what I like!!!
Too funny!